Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Blog

Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out what I'm doing.
This was going to be a short story site. However, upon further review, I'm keeping this blog runron, as a storage place for my past running stories.

I still run, but my writing took me in another direction.

A new blog was created to post short stories at "Stories told in short."
That's where from time to time I'll post a story that comes into my head.
The site is still under construction, but will be up and running soon.

Sorry for the confusion.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Eddie I read your book

Nice race this weekend, runron finished second in the old-man division. (40-44) which I might add, I'm on the tail end of that group.

being I haven't been training as hard as I should, I guess it's not bad. For those of you who know what's been taking my time... It's getting closer.... For the rest, you'll soon find out... So stay tuned...
Enough of the cryptic spy jargon.

Eddie, what happened? Last year this same race you ran the 5k, while I ran the 10k. So this year, I figured I'd run the 5k so we can go man to man... Or man to you... But I stood at the start line and saw your bib a different color than mine.... What?...Are you avoiding me?

The day was set up for a race of the ages. Me, looking to bust out of my marathon funk. And you, with enough brylcreem on your head to start a forest fire.

The days coming old chum, you can run, but you can't hide. runron is ready, willing and able to take that goofy smirk off your face and replace it with a more suitable shade of humble defeat.
I pledge to you, Edward I.-know-it-all.... I will not rest, nor will I stop, until you've been beaten at your own game.
Eddie you magnificent blowhard.... I read your book!


See ya on the road, runron

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Make your vote count

Stay with me,I have a race this weekend. Then I'll get back writing about something I know nothing about...Like this.

People are always coming up to me and saying, "So runron who you going to vote for?" And my response is always the same... "Vote for what?"... Is there an election of some kind going on?

I got my candidate. This person will lower my taxes and work for me....Wow. They will change the way government works... Now you're talking. They will be honest and cut wasteful spending.... That's my guy. Tough on terrorism, but fair....Sounds great. My candidate is on the side of the working man...That's me. Plus, they will make America strong.... Unbelievable, you're speaking my language. Did I mention, they will make health care affordable and veto any bill that's not in my best interest.

You're saying who is it runron? Tell me I have to go out and vote for this guy.

I'll get to it. But first let me also say, my guy is humble and understands your needs. Understands how government works, but is an outsider. Voted for every bill that helped me, and against the ones that wasted my money. All said, you can't go wrong with my guy.....................

But, but runron, don't they all say that?


See ya on the road, runron

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The English language and me...or is it I

Reed this and tell me if it makes cents.... What? How about, I red the first chapter, and it didn't make since.... You see what I'm dealing with?... Words.

English is foreign to me, but it's the only language I know.... but I don't no it.. sorry, I don't know it...
And why is a K in front of know, or knife... I'm sure it's some rule from some other language, but why? We couldn't think of a new word that makes sense, Ah, there's that word again, but of course it's spelled differently. (cents, since, sense)

With the K rule in affect, wouldn't Evel Knievel's name really be pronounced... Evel Nievel? It seems the former daredevil was the only one who got it right. (or is it whom?)

I'm going to arbitrarily pick out a letter. Say, S. Now, I'm going to put it on the front of my name, runron. So I'm now sronrun, But, the s is silent..shhh, don't tell.
That makes as much sense as well, cents/since.

I live to see live concerts... What, get out of hear/here with that.

Read, what I just read, about the color red... Huh? If that's the King's English? We need a new king.

If "he's" is a contraction "he is"... Wouldn't "h'as" be a contraction for "he was"... Think about it...
Because the rules are, there are no rules.... But you better know them or you'll look stupid..... Write, I mean right?

Let me cite you a fact, the construction site, was an awful sight.. The thing that bothers me most about that sentence, is the word awful... It should be spell, alful. I can't spell worth a lick, and people always tell me to sound out the word... Well if I did, you'd see alful, nife, red, reed, and so on...

Someone warn the king, I got a torch and I'm ready to charge the castle... Who's with me..

See ya on the road, srunron

I need a race to run, I'm losing my mind.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

27 Degrees.... What happened?

As I hunker down, holding a vigil for my Mango tree for the second night in a row, I have a few random thoughts.

Someone left the door open between here and Tennessee. Hey pa Walker, close the door. There's a reason I live in Florida and only visit the great state of Tennessee. Which reminds me.

I'm still not over that marathon, because my big toenail has been slowly dying since I made that ill-fated journey.... Back to the mango tree. It happens every year, some arctic blast wanders down here wreaking havoc on my beloved mango tree. A tree I planted, water, fertilize, and ever so careful, use my weed whacker around.

My first mango tree fell victim to a out of control 14 year old boy, who thought it was a weed. Before that incident, I used to called him son. Now he's his mother's son.

Back to my healthy tree. See, I learned from the past. It was about two years ago, that my mango tree, Buddy. Ok, so I call him Buddy, that's not weird, is it? So Buddy got hurt a few years ago. In fact, I thought I'd lost him. His branches were not recognizable. And his trunk kinda hunched over. Sort of what I look like after a marathon. Anyway, after I had to snipped him nearly to the ground,because of the freeze damage, Buddy bounced back.

I made a promise to him that day. If I get word of some "menacing frost" heading our way, he'd be taken care of, no questions asked.

So yesterday I built Buddy a box. Although, he stands over 7 feet tall and nearly 4 feet wide, he rested comfortably inside a fully insulated box with a cozy light to keep him warm.

You know it's funny, I've had him for about 4 years and he's never produced one mango. Not even a bloom.... I think I'll give him one more season, if there's no fruit, then I'll call my wife's son over to do some weed whacking.

Love is a two way street, Buddy.

As far as my running goes. It's cold, but I have been putting in the mileage, just nothing interesting to write about. But never fear, I have a race in a few weeks and I'm sure something will amuse me.

See ya on the road, runron.

I sure would like to eat a mango this summer.....Who's your buddy, Buddy?